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My name is Erin Hesser, and I'm a photographer. This site is a place to showcase my portfolio for professional publication, so I've included a wide variety of the various kinds of photographs I create. Please feel free to look around!

I specialize in changing your favorite photo into a work of art that appears vintage and rustic looking; if you like what you see, please contact me and I'd be happy to talk with you about changing your favorite photo into a work of art! 

Polaroid Transfer: a photographic image-transfer process, or print making technique, which uses Polaroid film. This way an image can be put on textiles, cups, glass and many other surfaces.

Brief How-To Using a camera, enlarger, slide printer or Daylab, expose Polaroid film. You need pull-apart type film, such as Polaroid 669 (now discontinued, or Fuji FP100c, which is readily available). Develop by pulling the film from the holder. Wait about 10-15 seconds and quickly pull the film apart, not letting the two sides (the picture and the negative) touch. Put the pulled apart negative face down on paper (or other material). Place pressure over negative and let sit for about 20 minutes. Then pour hot water over each side of the negative/paper sandwich. Gently peel the negative from the paper. Allow transfer to dry, face up.
Slide printers allow you to make polaroid transfers from previously-taken slides or negatives.

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sample Polaroid photographs

These Polaroids are made using a variety of Polaroid film and sometimes a Daylab transfer machine.  They are NOT digitally manipulated.  The look and feel of different Polaroid techniques provided me with the inspiration for my digital work.  Adult workshops for Polaroid photography will be available soon.  In the mean time, please contact me for a private session!
Below Fence: Polaroid Lift 669
Above Fence: Polaroid Transfer 669
sx70 Polaroid Manipulations (sx70 film was discontinued several years ago.  The sx70 camera can be modified to run 600 series film but manipulations are very difficult and the look is not quite the same)